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Follow these three easy steps and enjoy!

Trt-electronics underwater technologies

Mount it

Slide the adapter into the hotshoe

Trt-electronics underwater technologies


Connect the wired or LED connector to the adapter

Trt-electronics underwater technologies

Switch on!

Finally: power on the system


A lot of useful functions in one tiny device!

So sexy...

The world's smallest TTL controller for Canon and Nikon cameras. 41 mm long, 29 mm wide and 14 mm high.

So juiced…

TRTTL is juiced up to handle 2,000 images on a single charge. And it arrives bundled with a charger that allows a full recharge within 1 hour ...

So versatile...

Should you choose cable or synchronous optical LED connections – TRTTL has the connector interface to handle both options. On the rear of TRTTL is a connector interface for both cable and synchronous optical LED connections.

So multitalented...

Wireless full TTL mode compatible with: Sea&Sea D1, D2, YS250 INON Z220, Z240 Type 3, Type 4 Z 240 and Ikelite (full series). Optical sync compatible with: Sea&Sea D1, D2 and Z 240 INON

Curtain and compensation availability

It’s all up to you: switch between 1st or 2nd curtain mode for perfect rendering of motion. Also, sometimes you need flash power correction: not a problem, TRTTL handles this as well…

Continuous shooting mode

With optical flash syncronization, you can take more pictures: no more overheating problem with the built in flash, no more single images – and it also saves battery life in the camera.

Easy flash setup

You can easily set TRTTL to communicate with your underwater strobes: just use the DIP switch on the bottom of the device (4 options cover 5 strobe brands)

No extra battery needed

Forget the need of another extra battery: TRTTL has it’s own inside it’s sleek package. All you need is a USB charger or anything with a USB port to charge it to full power, and it only takes an hour.

Smart, small, easy

As small as it can get, TRTTL is the ultimate camera-to-strobe controller device – don’t let size fool you, this little box is a hell of a beast, wait until you unleash it’s full potential!

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At the moment, our range of TURTLE controllers consist of i-TURTLE and XS for nikon systems and e-TURTLE for CANON systems and s-TURTLE for SONY MILC systems.

e-TURTLE adapter for Canon DSLR systems

489.00 Including TAX

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i-TURTLE adapter for Nikon DSLR systems

459.00 Including TAX

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i-TURTLE XS adapter for Nikon DSLR systems

449.00 Including TAX

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s-TURTLE adapter for SONY MILC systems

469.00 399.00 Including TAX

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Trt-electronics underwater technologies

TURTLE package

What is in the box….


Don’t take our word, see what our experts say about the controllers: we have got more and more of positive reviews.


2nd curtain sync for the CANON underwater photographers's world... AMAZING....

Trt-electronics underwater technologies

The controller is the nicest TTL electronics available, packed with a ton of features!Watch is the most ambitious, well constructed smartwatch ever seen, but first-gen shortfalls make it feel more like a fashionable toy than a necessary tool.

Trt-electronics underwater technologies

We can use almost any housing... Just measure the space available above the camera... Slide on the controller and take the photos..... So simple!

Trt-electronics underwater technologies


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to support@trt-electronics.com

How it works?

First of all you can check the space in the housing. After this you have to measure the distance between the connector to the adapter and order a special cable. After the products arrive you just put the controller in the hotshoe, turn it on using the main switch, setup your strobe brand using the DIP at the bottom of the controller and connect the special cable to the device.

How the TURTLE is made?

TRTTL electronics were made from special SMD technologies parts to ensure the smallest form factor and is enclosed into a plastic (SLS technolgies) case (which is lighter than stainless steel). The hotshoe was made from PCB with special spring loaded pins to ensure optimal connection with the camera. All electronics have a LIPO 240 mAh recharchable batters that the user can charge with the yellow charger (included the package).

Can I use TURTLE in old housing without optical sync window?

Yes, of-course, because we can give you a special plastic window for the old housing which is like an electronic connector, but contains an LED at the dry side and a normal optical hole in the wet side. This way you can connect the fiber optic cable to this special port.