The TURTLE V1.0 controller provide TTL exposure control for many Nikon DSLR camera and underwater strobe combinations, the device automatically sets the exposure on your strobes when the strobes fire. We tested it with all available Nikon models, it’s compatible with even older models like D200 or newer ones like D5. It works with Sea&Sea, Inon and Ikelite strobes both with fiber optic or electrical cords. So with the TURTLE you can use a wide range of Nikon cameras and different underwater strobes in TTL mode.

But for more creative control we added a new feature to the TURTLE: now you can switch to manual control easily even under water with Nikon cameras. If you switch on the LCD backlight with the power button, you can change between TTL and manual control. If the camera goes into standby/sleep mode, when you turn it on, the default mode of the TURTLE will be the TTL exposure control.

Hopefully this new feature will be popular amongst demanding underwater photographers. Both control modes work with fiber optic and electrical cords.


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