The TURTLE TTL-converter is really small so it fits in any older or newer underwater camera housings. There are Nikon and Canon versions, it works via fiber optic cable or sync cord, you can use it with many kinds of strobes. If you upgrade your setup, buy a new camera, new housing or new strobe, you can use the TURTLE with them.

We tested the different setups but the most important is the satisfaction of our customers. We’re really happy when we can help improve an older camera setup’s capabilities with our TTL-converter. Would you like to see how the TURTLE fits into different housings? Here are some examples!

One of the setups consists a Nikon D60 in Sea&Sea housing and Sea&Sea YS-110 strobes with sync cords. The other setup is a Nikon D300 in UK Germany housing with Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes which works either sync cords of fiber optic cables.

Guys, thanks for choosing the TURTLE TTL-converter! We hope you will share the photos which you shoot with these setups!

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