When we started planning our first TTL converter certainly we chose the camera to use with what we owned: we made a TURTLE for the Nikon cameras. The next step was the Canon version. So when we’re started introducing the TURTLE for the world of underwater photography we felt the majority of the photographers will happy with our TTL converter solution.

In January we visited the Boot Show in Düsseldorf. We met some partners in the diving industry, showed the converter underwater housing makers and distributors. While they were interested in the product many of them asked us: when can we make a similar product for Sony cameras?

After a little bit of research we found out the Sony became more and more popular in underwater photography. This made us thinking and to cut a long story short, we decided to develop a TURTLE TTL converter for Sony cameras.

We’re happy to announce the completion of the first version. We added a gallery of test photos to show the TURTLE works with Sony as nicely as with the Nikon and Canon cameras. Certainly we still have a lot to do, we’re preparing for extensive testing and fine tuning with different cameras and strobes. But hopefully we can start shipping the TURTLE TTL converter for Sony cameras in a few weeks! Are you interested? Please write to us (info@trt-electronics.com) and we can tell you more about the details!

Camera: Sony Alpha 6000 (you can find EXIF data in the photos)

Strobe: Inon Z240

Functions: 1st curtain,  Rear curtain, flash exposure compensation, full ISO range

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