As you know, we try to test all the strobes with the available settings of the camera to ensure you get a perfect exposure when use TURTLE TTL converters. But some of the problems don’t occur when we test the setups.

After some feedbacks we started testing the Sea&Sea YS-110a strobes again with every possible settings. Although in TTL mode it shouldn’t matter the setting of the light level we found out if we set the light level to the minimum the TTL converter can’t work correctly with the strobe. In this case the photos will be underexposed especially between the F4-F11 range.

When we made the test photos after adjusting the light level of the strobe to the maximum, the results were completely different, all the photos were perfectly exposed in the full range. (In the photo below we made a shot from F4.5 to F22, with a Nikon D7100 camera and two Sea&Sea YS-110a strobes.)

So for those who use the TURTLE TTL converters with Sea&Sea 110a strobes we recommend to set the maximum light level all the time- except when they use the manual mode.

Sorry for any inconveniences! Please if you have any problems, contact us, and we try to solve them.

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