Boot 2018 Special Offer!

The TURTLE TTL converter automatically sets the exposure on your strobes when the strobes fire. With our product, you don’t have to worry about setting your strobe power for each shot. You’ll get a good exposure even when your subject is moving fast. But we built in the manual setting feature to the TURTLE TTL converter so whenever you want to set the power by yourself, you can do it.

The TRT-Electronics released its first TTL trigger for Nikon DSLR cameras a bit more than a year ago. Since then we developed Canon, Sony, Olympus TTL converters which work with many camera models and a wide range of underwater strobes (the most popular Sea&Sea, Ikelite, Inon models). We were happy to see the photos taken with setups which included our trigger from our satisfied customers.



The demanding underwater photographers who want to use TTL strobe control under water like our products, but we always try to improve them. Although the basic features are the same from the beginning (works with many cameras and strobes, you can change between TTL and Manual mode, the battery lasts for many dives without recharching, it’s small and easy to use), we listen to the feedbacks. So we will offer a bit modified TURTLE TTL converters from 2018.

We decided to give you a chance to get one of the 2017 TURTLE TTL converters which we have in stock now so we announce a great TURTLE TTL trigger sale for the Boot show in Dusseldorf. You can buy the Nikon, Sony or Olympus TTL triggers for only 299 euros until the end of the Boot fair. You can find our products at the Sparklights booth (Hall 3 / J29)

The price is the same for orders through our website until the end of BOOT DUSSELDORF 2018  or while stocks last.

Don’t forget, these are brand new, reliable, proven, fully featured TTL triggers for your underwater camera setup, so it’s your chance to get yours for a reduced price!

The package can be ordeder with scalable LED only!

You can order your TURTLE TTL trigger from our webshop.




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Meet the Turtle team in the Boot!

Our representatives will visit the Boot show in Düsseldorf. You can meet us on 25-26th of January, and we can show you our different TTL-triggers. We will happily demonstrate how easy to use the Turtle and how satisfying are the results. It works with different camera models and strobes, it fits in many underwater housings, so it’s the perfect choice for a demanding underwater photographer. If you want to order your Nikon, Canon, Sony or Olympus TTL-trigger and would like to get it in the Boot, write to us. you can find our TTL-triggers in our webshop.

If you are interested in a partnership or dealer agreement, please contact us in advance.

So let’s meet at the Boot! Our contact email is


Canon 5Ds with TURTLE project

One of our customers had a dream. He planned to travel to the Lake Baikal and wanted to shoot photographs above and under water. So he bought a Canon 5Ds camera with 11-24 lens.

We offered our help to assemble the complete underwater setup. We suggested an NA 5DSr housing with Ikelite DS 161S strobes. As he needed remote control as well, we designed and built one which works from 10 meters distance.

Certainly our customer needed a reliable TTL trigger as well for his camera and strobes, so our e-TURTLE 5Ds trigger was a perfect choice for his setup. In the photos below you can see how we built it inside the underwater housing.


Great news for Olympus users

We’re really proud of the feedbacks from our customers who are satisfied with our Nikon, Canon or Sony version TTL-triggers. But certainly some people ask about our plans or share their ideas what should be our next development.

We listened to you and because we were asked about a TTL-trigger for Olympus cameras we decided to work on it. And now we’re happily share the first test shots with the new o-TURTLE for Olympus cameras.

We have to finalize the product, but in a few weeks you can order your o-TURTLE from our webshop or purchase it in one of our dealers’ shop. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


The TURTLE and the Sony A9

Today we tested one of the newest and most exciting cameras in the market, the Sony A9. Our TURTLE TTL-trigger worked really fine with it, so we’re really proud the share the photos,

Camera: Sony A9

Lens: Sony Zeiss 50 mm
Strobe: Ikelite DS160 electronic sync cord
Settings: ISO 200 , Aperture range F 1.8 to F 22, Mechanical Shutter

Thanks to the Fotoplus for borrowing the camera!


Nikon D810 test

As our customers use different camera models for underwater photography, we try to test as much models as we can. Recently we had the chance to test the TURTLE for Nikon TTL-trigger (more exactly, the tiny TURTLE XS) with the Nikon D810 and Inon Z240. We tried it with different aperture and ISO settings and here comes the test shots with the different settings. What do you think about the results? We’re quite satisfied!

(Thanks to the Fotoplus for borrowing us a camera!)



A review of the TURTLE

In the latest issue of Underwater Photography Web Magazine (UwP 95) Alex Tyrrell published an article about his experiences with the TURTLE TTL-converter’s Nikon version.

The renowned underwater photographer who tested our product regularly runs UW photo workshops as well. So we were really curious about his opinion. We’re happy to share his conclusion: “Overall I am very impressed with the TURTLE and consider my money well spent. I’m also happily surprised at how well the TTL performed, particularly the shooting speed.”

We highly recommend to read the full in-depth review with the test shots and detailed experiences. We would like to thank you for choosing and reviewing our product, Alex- we wish you nice shots with the TURTLE!


Sony owners, the TURTLE is coming!

When we started planning our first TTL converter certainly we chose the camera to use with what we owned: we made a TURTLE for the Nikon cameras. The next step was the Canon version. So when we’re started introducing the TURTLE for the world of underwater photography we felt the majority of the photographers will happy with our TTL converter solution.

In January we visited the Boot Show in Düsseldorf. We met some partners in the diving industry, showed the converter underwater housing makers and distributors. While they were interested in the product many of them asked us: when can we make a similar product for Sony cameras?

After a little bit of research we found out the Sony became more and more popular in underwater photography. This made us thinking and to cut a long story short, we decided to develop a TURTLE TTL converter for Sony cameras.

We’re happy to announce the completion of the first version. We added a gallery of test photos to show the TURTLE works with Sony as nicely as with the Nikon and Canon cameras. Certainly we still have a lot to do, we’re preparing for extensive testing and fine tuning with different cameras and strobes. But hopefully we can start shipping the TURTLE TTL converter for Sony cameras in a few weeks! Are you interested? Please write to us ( and we can tell you more about the details!

Camera: Sony Alpha 6000 (you can find EXIF data in the photos)

Strobe: Inon Z240

Functions: 1st curtain,  Rear curtain, flash exposure compensation, full ISO range


A TURTLE for every setup

The TURTLE TTL-converter is really small so it fits in any older or newer underwater camera housings. There are Nikon and Canon versions, it works via fiber optic cable or sync cord, you can use it with many kinds of strobes. If you upgrade your setup, buy a new camera, new housing or new strobe, you can use the TURTLE with them.

We tested the different setups but the most important is the satisfaction of our customers. We’re really happy when we can help improve an older camera setup’s capabilities with our TTL-converter. Would you like to see how the TURTLE fits into different housings? Here are some examples!

One of the setups consists a Nikon D60 in Sea&Sea housing and Sea&Sea YS-110 strobes with sync cords. The other setup is a Nikon D300 in UK Germany housing with Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes which works either sync cords of fiber optic cables.

Guys, thanks for choosing the TURTLE TTL-converter! We hope you will share the photos which you shoot with these setups!