The i-TURTLE supports the Nikon unified flash control

The Nikon unified flash control allows the camera and flash unit to share settings. If a flash unit (or in this case the i-TURTLE TTL converter) that supports unified flash control is mounted on the camera, changes to flash settings made with the compatible camera (e.g. Nikon D850)  are reflected on the flash.

If you choose the new i-TURTLE unifie TTL converter for your Nikon DSLR camera which is compatible with unified flash control, the flash control mode, flash level, and other flash settings can be adjusted using the Optional flash item in the Custom Settings > Bracketing/flash menu of your Nikon D7200 (latest firmware!) camera, or using the Flash Control Mode item in the Photo Shooting > Flash control menu of the Nikon D850 camera. It means you can easily change between manual or TTL modes under water while you don’t have to change the settings on your underwater strobe.

i-TURTLE unified TTL converter for Nikon DSLR cameras in the webshop


Best of Bali: The Sony shots

It was a pleasure to use the Sony A7R II MILC camera underwater in the best dive sites of Bali. There were plenty of wide angle and macro subjects, and the camera worked fine- certainly we controlled the Ikelite DS160 strobes with the s-Turtle. It was a good test to try our underwater camera setup in very different situations. We are really satisfied with the results, hopefully you like the photos too!


Best of Bali: Nikon wide angle

The i-Turtle met the real turtles in Bali! Plenty of friendly turtles swam with us and many of them were just the perfect models to test our Nikon setup: Nikon D7100 camera in Hugyfot housing, with two Sea&Sea YS-110a strobes which were controlled via fiber optic cables. Certainly we used the latest i-Turtle TTL trigger in TTL mode.


Best of Bali: Olympus macro

We spent two weeks in the wonderful island in Indonesia, and we dived a lot. Certainly we used different camera setups, and we would like to share some of the photos we took with the Olympus EM-5MarkII camera. Some of the pics were taken with a single Sea&Sea YS-110a strobe, some with two Inon Z240 strobes, and certainly the strobes were controlled by an o-Turtle trigger in TTL mode.


New TURTLE Mobie TTL converters

We are redesigning our product line in 2018, and now we would like to introduce the new TURTLE Mobie TTL converters.

Tha new models have the same basic features: they offer TTL for many camera models (we have Nikon, Sony and Olympus/Panasonic versions) and they work with a lot of the underwater strobes manufactured by Inon, Sea&Sea, Subtronic, Seacam or Ikelite. The new TURTLE Mobie models can be charged via micro USB socket.

We offer the Mobie converters for those underwater photographers who use housings with smaller space to place the converter. We already manufactured these TTL triggers for Nikon, Canon and Olympus, but now it’s available for Sony as well. The new TURTLE Mobie for Sony will be useful for the owners of Sony A6000 series camera models or those who use Nauticam housings.


Introducing the 2018 TURTLE TTL converters

As you may noticed, our TTL triggers changed a bit recently. From 2018 we will sell redesigned units for Nikon, Sony and Olympus. The new, smaller, smarter units get the new, stronger LEDs, and can be charged via Micro USB socket.

The basic capabilities are the same, the Nikon, Sony and Olympus models work with many camera models, and the strobes can be controlled by sync cords or via fiber obtic cables. We tested it with the most popular underwater strobes (Ikelite, Inon, Sea&Sea, Seacam, Subtronic), and the list of compatible strobes is growing.

Thanks to the experience we gained in manufacturing during the last year, the new units will be cheaper than the old ones.

We have new plans, so check back regularly to learn about the new products!

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Adjusting the light level of Sea&Sea 110a strobes

As you know, we try to test all the strobes with the available settings of the camera to ensure you get a perfect exposure when use TURTLE TTL converters. But some of the problems don’t occur when we test the setups.

After some feedbacks we started testing the Sea&Sea YS-110a strobes again with every possible settings. Although in TTL mode it shouldn’t matter the setting of the light level we found out if we set the light level to the minimum the TTL converter can’t work correctly with the strobe. In this case the photos will be underexposed especially between the F4-F11 range.

When we made the test photos after adjusting the light level of the strobe to the maximum, the results were completely different, all the photos were perfectly exposed in the full range. (In the photo below we made a shot from F4.5 to F22, with a Nikon D7100 camera and two Sea&Sea YS-110a strobes.)

So for those who use the TURTLE TTL converters with Sea&Sea 110a strobes we recommend to set the maximum light level all the time- except when they use the manual mode.

Sorry for any inconveniences! Please if you have any problems, contact us, and we try to solve them.


Boot 2018 Special Offer!

The TURTLE TTL converter automatically sets the exposure on your strobes when the strobes fire. With our product, you don’t have to worry about setting your strobe power for each shot. You’ll get a good exposure even when your subject is moving fast. But we built in the manual setting feature to the TURTLE TTL converter so whenever you want to set the power by yourself, you can do it.

The TRT-Electronics released its first TTL trigger for Nikon DSLR cameras a bit more than a year ago. Since then we developed Canon, Sony, Olympus TTL converters which work with many camera models and a wide range of underwater strobes (the most popular Sea&Sea, Ikelite, Inon models). We were happy to see the photos taken with setups which included our trigger from our satisfied customers.



The demanding underwater photographers who want to use TTL strobe control under water like our products, but we always try to improve them. Although the basic features are the same from the beginning (works with many cameras and strobes, you can change between TTL and Manual mode, the battery lasts for many dives without recharching, it’s small and easy to use), we listen to the feedbacks. So we will offer a bit modified TURTLE TTL converters from 2018.

We decided to give you a chance to get one of the 2017 TURTLE TTL converters which we have in stock now so we announce a great TURTLE TTL trigger sale for the Boot show in Dusseldorf. You can buy the Nikon, Sony or Olympus TTL triggers for only 299 euros until the end of the Boot fair. You can find our products at the Sparklights booth (Hall 3 / J29)

The price is the same for orders through our website until the end of BOOT DUSSELDORF 2018  or while stocks last.

Don’t forget, these are brand new, reliable, proven, fully featured TTL triggers for your underwater camera setup, so it’s your chance to get yours for a reduced price!

The package can be ordeder with scalable LED only!

You can order your TURTLE TTL trigger from our webshop.




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Meet the Turtle team in the Boot!

Our representatives will visit the Boot show in Düsseldorf. You can meet us on 25-26th of January, and we can show you our different TTL-triggers. We will happily demonstrate how easy to use the Turtle and how satisfying are the results. It works with different camera models and strobes, it fits in many underwater housings, so it’s the perfect choice for a demanding underwater photographer. If you want to order your Nikon, Canon, Sony or Olympus TTL-trigger and would like to get it in the Boot, write to us. you can find our TTL-triggers in our webshop.

If you are interested in a partnership or dealer agreement, please contact us in advance.

So let’s meet at the Boot! Our contact email is