i-TURTLE XS adapter for Nikon DSLR systems

419.00 Including TAX



The TURTLE XS is the world’s smallest i-TTL adapter for NIKON systems.

This adapter is not wider than the 1 euro coin: its size is only 35x25x13 mm!

The knowledge same as i-TURTLE , but the accu and the LED is half capacity!

What is included in the package:

TURTLE adapter
LED Board   (3mm 12 candela LED)  Please contact with me to choose the correct  LED!!
USB Charger

This adapter works with all Nikon DSLR cameras.  TTL  and MANUAL function. Switching is possible from the body during the dive!
We tested the TURTLE with these camera models: D200,D300,D5300,D7100,D7200,D500,D810,D4,D5
Works via sync cord cable with Sea&Sea YS-D1,D2, 250, IKELITE DS series and Inon Z240 type 3,4 and Z 220 strobes.
It works also fiber optic cable with LED board with YS-D1,D2, Inon Z240 strobes

The product works only with multicore fiber optic cable!


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